My Super Cam
 If you need a camera button for your Smartphone, Nexus or any other device, you just founded. 
 My Super Cam is a simple to use camera application for everyone needs.
 You take a picture save as your background image and you can draw, write a name or add a border to it!
 My Super Cam now has the Rubber, just set the correct size on the slider, also let you make your own color.
 This Android Application let you use your own device camera zoom and flash.
 If you want add a border click on the Color Border button, then click on Open Image button to add

 A picture and then click on Save Pict-Video button. If you want to erase a border just touch the unwanted one.
 We want you do what you like most at your desire.

       My Cracked Screen

 My Cracked Screen is a funny game to play with your friends pretending your phone screen is broken.

 To play the game just shake your phone to see your screen break in from of your eyes.

​ To exit of the application touch your screen. Have fun!

          My Magic Numbers

 The My Magic Numbers is a funny way to play with numbers. You can choose 3, 4, 5, PB, MM or 6 random  Numbers. 
 Lightly shake your phone to quick pick the numbers. After you get your result you can hear any number

 by touching  Your screen. 

Also you have Flip coin, 8 Ball and keep score. Have Fun!

           Minas Grill

 To Provide The Best Possible All Around Brazilian Food Buffet, Products & Services

 To Show Atlanta The Beauty of  Brazil

            Droid Seattle

 This application is an Android version of our website
 That will help you take us where you go
 We are working to create Android Applications and this one will help you find us on your mobile device

           Digital Calculator Pro

 Digital Calculator Pro is an amazing talking keypad Calculator, Compass & Stopwatch.
 You never seen something like this one. You can use all four basic mathematical operations in a simple way.
 Also you can add or subtract on the temporary memory.
 You gonna love it!

Software Development Methodologies

 Clean your data once a week to free up space


Clearing the cache clears an application’s temporary files, while clearing data is more drastic. Clearing data will set your application back to its original state, deleting all your custom settings and data 

          Drawing Pad Pro

 Drawing Pad Pro was well created for your convenience at your finger tips
 If you like to draw we have all the tools you need to be creative
 You can record audio, take a picture or record a video and save in your phone camera folder as .png file
 Also you can choose text or line size from 1 to 150 on the slider and pick your favorite color
 You can draw a circle by clicking on the Circle button once and twice to draw a text
 If you want Stamp a name in your image just enter on the text box and touch your screen
 You can draw and use the Rubber at any time.
 Have fun!

            Sai Dessa Paddle Ball Game

 This application is a simple Paddle Ball game. Your goal is keep the ball up to score points.
 It's so easy to play just touch the paddle and slide to right or left to keep the ball bouncing. 
 You will love to play Sai Dessa Paddle Ball Game.  Have fun!

           QR Read Plus

 QR Read Plus is a Directory for all your QR and Barcodes reader needs.
 If you don't have any QR Reader installed in your device just click on the Zxing button to download one for free.
 Enjoy your new QR Reader!

            I am Lost

 I am Lost is a reliable road help Application. 
 If you are lost anywhere in the world I am Lost will show your current address every minute and help you to get

 safely to your destination. You can share your Current Address with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,

 by email or text message just by touching the text. I am Lost has Flashlight and Help Signs in case you need it.
 If you want to share any picture in your device click on the Help Sign button, then on share icon,

then select any image  and then touch your selected picture on your screen. As easy as that!
 Now you will never get lost again. Try it out. You gonna love it!

       FC Animal Sounds

 This application is an Animal soundboard game. Your toddler will

love this animals and birds sounds  When a toddler touch any picture they will hear that sound

and that name will be displayed on the  Bottom of  your screen.
 This great Android Application has 25 pictures and sounds that will amaze your toddler.

             Digital Calculator for Girls

 Digital Calculator for Girls is a four basic math operations talking calculator. 
 You can use the temporary memory to add or subtract any number.
 The amazing magenta color is designed for girls off all ages or anyone who likes.
 It's so easy to use just enter the first number on the keypad, then choose the operation symbol,

then enter the  second  number on the keypad and then to get your result click on the = button.
 Digital Calculator for Girls is an excellent tool for you work with all year long.

            T & A Precast Repair, LLC
 T & A Precast Repair, LLC is a company based in Dallas, GA which specializes in the Architectural and

 Structural Precast Prestressed restoration and finishing

 Follow us on Facebook at:

       Super Tools

 Super Tools has Calculator, Compass, Flashlight, World Clock, Level, Altitude, Pressure, QR Reader,

 Sound meter,  Stopwatch, Timer, Translator, unit converter and much more.

 Try it out. I guarantee you gonna love it!

           My Kitten

 My Kitten is a wonderful Android Application. She is a little girl doll and she loves her cat. You can ask her a question and she will be happy to answer. She is a very kind little girl doll.  She likes walk, eat her vegetables and drink a lot water. She is very friendly and she can tell you a joke  Just talk with her: tell me a joke. Have fun!

            Money Converter

 The Money Converter Application is a Real Time Currency Converter.

 You can keep track on how much your  money we'd worth. 

 It's very easy to use. 
 You gonna love it!

 This Android Application is a mobile version of our website. Now you can take us with you wherever you go.
 Your Source for Authentic, Organic, Responsibly Produced Brazilian Cuisine.
 At Kitanda, our mission is to share the authentic taste of Brazil through food and beverages made from healthy,

 and responsibly produced ingredients.

             I Lost My Car

 This is a simple to use application to help you find where you park your car.
 If you park somewhere and don't remember I Lost My Car is just for you.
 All you need to do is before leave your car click on the Smile face button.
 Then when you need help to find your car just click on the car picture button.
 As simple as that I Lost My Car will guide you to your car
 That is so amazing now You will never lost your car again

           Digital Calculator Plus

 Now you can use the backspace button.
 Digital Calculator Plus is a great Four Basic Operations Talking Calculator.
 You have Seven color Themes to choose from. Also you can use the memory to add and subtract any value.
 You can hear the clock timer by touching.
 You never seen something like this one.

           Digital Calculator

 Anybody can appreciate a tool who work well and get the job done in a simple way. 
 You can work with it for long periods of time and the amazing colors don't will tired your eyes.  Now you can hear your result and use the temporary memory to Add or Subtract any value, also choose your  favorite text  color Theme. You've never seen nothing like it  Digital Calculator let you work and have fun at the same time.
 Try it out. I guarantee you gonna love it!


           Digital Scientific Calculator

 If you are a simple or advance calculator user Digital Scientific Calculator is right for you.
You can use all 4 basic math operations plus scientific ones.
You gonna love it!

       Super TicTacToe

 Super TicTacToe is a simple game for all ages. You can play with your friend or with Droid.
 The amazing color don't will tired your eyes. Play Tic Tac Toe on your Android device and

 Don't waste paper anymore.  Try out you gonna love it

       Super Clock

 Do you have hard time to see those tiny numbers on your phone clock?
 We have the solution Super Clock is an application with big numbers on it!
 Now you can see all the numbers, also in case someone ask you What time is it? in a Bar, Nightclub or

 Any other place where is impossible to hear your voice.
 Super Clock allowed anybody to see your clock timer over 30 feet away, also you can to use Super Clock as a

 Flashlight, just set the text color as same as the Background color.  Have fun with your new toy. Try it out!

Copyright 2018.  All rights reserved

ABC`s for Kids
ABC's for Kids will help your toddler learn letters and numbers.This Android Application is the easiest way to learn English Alphabets as your Kid never learned  nothing else before.

           My Super Camera Pro

 This application will let you manager your images. My Super Camera Pro is a full function mobile application.
 You can take a picture and draw or write your name over it in 13 different colors or create your own.
 As simple as that all you need to do is enter the name on the text box field, choose the size from 1 to 100

 on the  slider and touch your screen.

 You can open any picture in your phone and add a square or curve border in 42 different colors and shapes.

 You can record To Do List audio, also video and playback after recorded, all you need to do is touch your

screen,  and after your video is done playing your media will be automatically saved in your device and

your screen will be  clear.  If you like to draw you can do so in 13 different lines and background  colors.
 My Super Camera Pro application let you have the control of your pictures and videos.
 You gonna love My Super Camera Pro!

Animal Sounds for Children
 Animal Sounds for Children is a great Animal Sounds learning experience for toddlers.
 Animal Sounds for Children has 47 pictures and sounds to amaze your loved ones.
 You can slide your finger to right or left to change the picture or click on auto for random slideshow. To hear any sound just touch your screen at any time.

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 About great Android Applications.  

 Big Sign App
 Are you tired of type text over and over to send email or text message?
 The Big Sign Application will print out on your screen your text for you after you are done speaking.  You can share with your friends by Email or Text Message and more.  Also you can choose from 13 amazing text or background colors. You never seen something like this one.  Now you don't need to type text over and over to send an email or text message anymore!